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Fast Times at CT Scuderia High

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CT Scuderia's high performance Swiss Made instruments hit that sweet spot many watch collectors favor... Watches that are as stylish as they are sporty. ContaTempo Scuderia watches go one step further by also blending vintage styling with modern aesthetics - as seen in the majority of their 'Bullhead' style chronographs (stopwatch pushers on top of case) inspired by the history of elite motorcycle racing.

Designed by Enrico Margaritelli,  the collections feature automatic Swiss mechanical movements as well as more affordable Swiss Quartz editions. The Corsa (above) was designed to convey sheer speed. Featuring clean, straight-forward dial design elements and unique lug design and the collection’s Bullhead-style crown-and-pusher placement at the 12 o’clock mark delivers an authentic look. A special feature of the Corsa is the easily removable straps allowing you to use the chronograph as a traditional stopwatch.

Black Corsa Chrono (left) & Rose Gold Saturno (right) 

Dedicated to the Gilera Saturno which was made in Italy from 1946 to 1958. Only 6,026 were made, but they have left a lasting mark in motorcycle history. In style & construction, CT Scuderia's Italian blood runs deep. The Saturno shows its Italian pride with red, white and green accents on the pushers, crown and hands. The rose gold case with black lugs really makes this watch stand out.

Testa Piatta is common on Bobber motorcycles with all parts removed that do not contribute to speed, most of those are equipped with side valve engine which later came to be known as the “Flathead". Due to the side valve design, the cylinder heads are pretty wide and flat, while the valve push rods are relatively short.

Testa Piatta Big Date

CT Scuderia Coda Corta Chrono

Scrambler Black/Tan NATO Leather

The Scrambler Collection was a major design shift for CT Scuderia in introducing for the first time to the brand, a square shaped case. The new collection takes its name from the type of off-road motorcycles that are used in one of the most strenuous types of auto races, the motocross race. As well as a new case shape, the timepieces of the Scrambler Collection come with a variety of different straps ranging from a classic steel bracelet to rugged leather NATO's to sporty perforated rubber straps.

All Stainless Steel Scramber (right)

CT Scuderia Dashboard Automatic (above)

CT Scuderia Dirt Track (left) & Tempi Carbon (right)

CT Scuderia Dashboard Speedo Meter Automatic

The dials are replicas of the most famous speedometers used in vintage motorbikes and automobiles around the world. The Dashboard Collection features a uniquely placed crown at the 6 o’ clock position, the place where vintage dashboards originally had their kilometer re-set button.

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