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Seven Friday Watches - Racer, Hot Rod, Punk

We've been watching  SEVENFRIDAY's growth in their fast & furious few years since inception...and we're hooked, especially the new collections & limited editions available in very small quantities.

In pole position sits the  P3B/01 RACER, the newest from the original P Series. Undeniably forward thinking design up & down, inside and out.

Hot on its heels is the Limited Edition  HOT ROD P3C/01, also from the P Series - with a love for muscle cars, their loud exhausts, smoking tires and big block engines, these will sell out as fast as they look.

Giving traditional watches the middle finger is the studded  UK PUNK M1/04 Limited Edition. Part of the wildly cool M Series. Limited to 450 pieces worldwide, this Punk M-Series is clothed in a leather jacket animation ring decorated with 3 punk studs. Gothic roman numbers taken from Big Ben display the time and the special edition leather strap reminds us of punk fashion with steel reinforced eyelets, tartan detailing and a Union Jack tongue.

Seven Friday P3C/01 Hot Rod Limited Edition Watch

The P3C/01 Hot Rod has an eye catching, polished stainless steel bezel and an interface that is 5 layers deep, made up of 22 applied parts. The inner dial is inspired by oversized chrome Hot Rod grills and allows the wearer to see more of the watches ticking engine than ever before. The seconds disc rotates above a cross spoke rim and the thick leather strap is inspired around a seatbelt.  This piece is limited to 450 pieces worldwide as mentioned on the interface and features lume on the hour hand, minute hand and hour indices. It is NFC compatible via the SEVENFRIDAY smartphone app and is our first Off-Series to feature a crown protector, fittingly with tire tread pattern.

Seven Friday M1/04 Punk Limited Edition Watch

Part of the M-Series - nicknamed The PUNK - features a polished stainless case with black leather jacket animation ring. The M1/04 PUNK has an interface comprised of 7 layers with 11 applied parts. Galvanic black; finished alternately C-I grain stamped pattern, opaline and matt. Hour plate hollowed out by CNC machine. Minute plate with deep stamped pattern surrounded by silver décor plate. 8X-polished gun metal square studs. The 3 customized discs show hours, minutes and seconds in red gothic roman numerals and are powered by a Miyota 8215 engine. This watch is also NFC compatible.

Seven Friday P3B/01 Racer Watch

The SevenFriday P Series Racer Automatic (above) - features a polished Stainless Steel case and bezel with black PVD treatment. The P3B/01 has a high resistance black PU animation ring with crown protector extension (3H). This watch has a black and gun metal interface comprised of 5 layers with 11 applied parts, gun metal circular brushed external ring with relief printed logo, black central plate with CD groove and 3 applied indexes. Matte black circle ring and gun metal CD groove with white and red printings and 6 polished rhodium applied indexes. As with all P-Series watches the engine is an open balance wheel on Miyota 82S7 movement which has a 40 hour power reserve and is NFC compatible.

Seven Friday Q Series Watch

The Q is the 4th series in SEVENFRIDAY’s collection and features a new visual complication with de-central hour ring inspired by regulators. Q-Series watches feature the FSC (Fast Strap Changer) mechanism, NFC technology and for the first time on a SEVENFRIDAY, date function has been added. Each Q is tied to one of three industrial universes, the Q1/01 is Essence, Q2/01 is Revolution and the Q3/01 belongs to Engines. Each universe has its own set of materials while each watch its own style, strap and of course inspiration. 

The Q1/01 (above) takes inspiration from Music, embracing design features from recording studio equipment. Recording studios have a unique atmosphere with their vast panels of high-tech dials and crisp silence. They looked at modern and vintage machines from recording studios throughout the ages to find inspiration. 

Seven Friday Q2/01 Watch

The Q2/01 (above) takes inspiration from Travel, channeling key features from vintage steamboats. The height of luxury in 1800’s, steamboats were industrial masterpieces allowing people to holiday on water. Their copper and brass equipment has been updated over the years but while the SEVENFRIDAY Tour visited Amsterdam they found themselves on a vintage ship where a brass Engine Order Telegraph (EOT) caught their eye. It was utilized to send a signal from the bridge to the engine room with instructions about speed and direction (ahead or astern), this copper and brass instrument stuck with them and this very cool watch was born.

Seven Friday Q3/01 Watch

The Q3/01 (above) takes inspiration from Engines, embracing key features straight from the pit lane. During the annual Gulf Run race event we witnessed the world’s best supercars tearing up the Bahrain International F1 circuit. We experienced the engine vibes in the pits and watched a McLaren prepare for the race. Mechanics checking pressures and temperatures with a host of different gauges and telemetry equipment.  

Seven Friday P2/02 Watch

The collection that started it all. The P Series - inspired by industrial entities from tools, machines and engines to the plants that house these contraptions.  Above is the  P2/2 features a stainless steel case and bezel with black PVD treatment and yellow gold PVD highlights. It has a stainless steel animation ring with roughed matte black PVD finish and 5N yellow gold central ring. This watch has a black interface comprised of 5 layers finished alternately matte and circular with 5N yellow gold highlights.

Seven Friday P3/03 Watch

Nicknamed the Bully, the special edition of the P-Series features a stainless steel case with frozen grey PVD treatment and a white rubber animation ring with snow groomer tread pattern.  The P3/03 has a frozen grey and bright white interface comprised of 5 layers with orange highlights. As with all P-Series watches the Bully’s engine is an open balance wheel on Miyota 82S7 movement which has a 40 hour power reserve.

Seven Friday P2/01 Watch

This P-Series features a stainless steel case with deep grey PVD treatment and an eloxed aluminum animation ring with sandblasted frozen grey PVD finish.  The P2/01 has a deep grey and frozen grey interface comprised of 5 layers finished alternately opaline, matte, diamond cut, satin and 'bouchonne' with 5N copper highlights. 

Seven Friday M Series Watch

A highly avant-garde collection, the M-series offers an ingenious approach to timekeeping. Composed of 6 layers and ten applied parts, these stunning M-series timepieces are both intricate and stylish. Each watch features a unique dial displaying three, customized, internal discs- outer, middle and inner- supplying the hour, minutes and seconds readings respectively. This pioneering approach and the accessible price point of this collection has, unsurprisingly, seen the M-series win critical acclaim from across the world. This commendation is not solely due to the prowess of the design but also thanks to the high performance of the M-series which boasts an exemplary Miyota automatic movements.

Seven Friday M2/01 Watch

This striking black & yellow M-Series watch features a stainless steel case with black PVD treatment and a polished stainless steel identification plate. The  M2/01 has a stainless steel animation ring with sandblasted black PVD finish while the interface is comprised of 6 black and rhodium layers with red highlights. 

Seven Friday M1/03 Watch

The M1/03 (above) has a galvanic gun metal grey and rhodium interface comprised of 7 layers finished alternately; cast iron grain, opaline, and circular brushed. As with all SEVENFRIDAY M-Series watches the 3 customized discs reading hours, minutes and seconds are powered by a Miyota 8215 engine. 

Seven Friday M1/01 Watch

The M1/01 features a stainless steel case with polished and sandblasted bezel while the animation ring is eloxed aluminium with sandblasted finish. A stainless steel and black interface comprised of 6 layers finished alternately brushed and matte with sky blue highlights.

Seven Friday V Series Watches

SEVENFRIDAY derives its motivation for the recent V range from Industrial Essence - Revolution and Engines.

Engineering progress constantly strives for higher performance registering a few more digits up the meter scale. This idea is reflected in the design of the Hours indication as an industrial gauge, creating a new way to read the time.

The V3/01 (upper right) has a PVD coated stainless steel and carbon fiber interface comprised of 4 layers, alternately finished carbon fiber, vertically brushed rhodium, vertically brushed gun metal, horizontally brushed gun metal with a circularly brushed gun metal dial ring. The V-Series’ 120° ‘Additioner’ display, day / night function with blue highlights and milled minute hand are all powered by a Miyota 82S7 automatic engine.

Seven Friday V2/01 Watch

This V-Series watch features a stainless steel case with vertically sunray brushed bezel.  The V2/01 has a stainless steel, deep grey and 4N copper interface comprised of 4 layers, alternately finished in deep grey cast-iron pattern, vertically brushed concrete color, vertically brushed rhodium, opaline black with a circular brushed 4N copper dial ring. 

Seven Friday V3/01 Watch

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