M-Theory Zero Gravity

Time & Space is a wristwatch designed with the concept of the dissolution of time and space in a zero gravity state. Photographs of the full moon taken in Nantes of western France by the astrophotographer Norbert Rumiano were used on the dial plate of the Moonlight model, and the watch hands appear as if they are floating over the moon face. The modern reinterpretation of classic clock hands provide users with a surreal experience of having time float in air.

i³ Lab [i-cubed-lab] is a design studio focused on creating and bringing to life the variety of emotions to our monotone lifestyles. Utilizing the imaginary, illusory and ideal aspects of time and space, we give meaning to the modern people’s lost dreams through our emotional designs. Projects are based on art, literature and science. Through international collaborations, we are also creating charity opportunities for global issues.

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