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Mr. Jones Colour Venn Automatic front

Mr. Jones Colour Venn Automatic

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Mr. Jones Colour Venn Automatic front



Nearly every time we see a new style from Mr. Jones Watches, we find ourselves saying, “Wow, he did it again!". And by 'again,’ we mean he deconstructed an entirely cool new way to show time in an emotional as well as technical fashion -- most often through thoughtful collaborations with some very interesting people. Each watch Mr. Jones produces has tremendous soul and equal substance combined with a passion for timekeeping highlighting the bigger meanings in life. As a major bonus, the Colour Venn showcases (for the first time from Mr. Jones) its mechanical nature with a porthole in the caseback for a view of the balance wheel, the heart of this time machine.

Colour Venn dispenses with the convention of the hour minute and seconds hand, instead three colour discs rotate to indicate the time. Where the discs overlap, new colors are formed in the intersection creating a constantly shifting palette of color.

Mr. Jones Watches developed Colour Venn with Mark Champkins, Inventor in Residence at the Science Museum in London who explains the design:

"Cyan, Magenta and Yellow are the key to recreating ANY colour on the printed page. Every shade and hue of colour in newspapers, magazines and printed material will be only ever be made up of a combination of CMYK - cyan, magenta, yellow and ‘key’ (which is black) ink. This is known as the ‘Subtractive Colour Model’ as the four colors of ink ‘subtract’ from the brightness of the white surface beneath. Colour Venn uses Venn diagram style circles of colour cyan, magenta and yellow films with different diameters correspond to the second, minute and hours. As each moves round, a continuously intersecting pattern of colour emerges, unique at every moment of the day.”


Case: 316L Stainless steel
Mechanism: Automatic mechanical movement
Strap: silver stainless steel mesh
Smallest strap diameter: 150mm
Largest strap diameter: 205mm
Width (3 o'clock to 9 o'clock): 37mm
Height (from lug to lug): 46mm
Thickness: 9mm
Waterproof: 5ATM
Guarantee: 12 months

Case Shape: Round
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Mov't Type: Automatic
Strap Material: Mesh
Water Resistance: 5 ATM
Dial Color: White
Case Size: 37mm
Strap Width: 18mm
Case Thickness: 9mm
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