Mr. Jones King Jump Hour Automatic

Mr. Jones King Jump Hour Automatic

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This watch is based on the classic playing card characters of the King and Queen of Hearts. The watches feature hands of cards to depict the minutes while the hours jump into position in the Royal Breast.

The use of the playing cards symbolizes the transitory nature of fortune - lucky streaks, while always welcome, are only as short lived as those runs of bad luck. The watch is a gentle reminder to keep your cards close to your chest, but to be bold and go all-in when fate has dealt you a winning hand!

The minutes are depicted as hand of cards, for the sake of clarity only 10 minute intervals are marked:

There is a grey card-footprint on the dial to allow you to judge the minutes between the markers. You can see how far the leading or trailing edge of the cards is from the footprint shape to read the minutes:

Mechanical Movement

This watch is powered by an automatic mechanical movement. The watch is wound either by turning the winding crown on the left hand side of the case, or (more simply) by the everyday motion of your wrist. A weight on the mechanism rotates in response to normal movement and transfers this energy to winding up the mainpspring (if you hold the watch in your hand and gently rock it back and forth you can feel this weight moving).

When you first receive your watch, or if you leave it unattended for a few days, the main spring will run down. To wind it up you simply need to set it on the right time and strap it to your wrist: the spring will wind up by itself.

Time Setting

Please not that the crown on this watch is on the left hand side of the case (normally it would be on the right). To set the time pull this out and rotate it to adjust the time display.

Customer Reviews

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  • Beautiful watch

    Posted by Paul on Jan 24th 2017

    I love wearing this watch. It is a great size, I like smaller faces. I was a bit disappointed with the automatic winding. All the documentation suggested the automatic movement would be sufficient to keep the watch operational, but it definitely needs a couple turns o'the screw to get it going.
    People notice this watch, I love showing it.

  • Got dealt a losing hand

    Posted by Daniel L on Apr 1st 2016

    I was slightly disappointed that the watch was not one of the first 100 made. Obviously now I see that the queen version IS because in the ad it says in red letters "limited edition of 100" I still love the watch; just kind of disappointed from what I was expecting : (