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Mr. Jones Wedding Anniversary Countdown Clock (WCC)

Mr. Jones Wedding Anniversary Countdown Clock

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Mr. Jones Wedding Anniversary Countdown Clock (WCC)



This clever clock by Mr. Jones counts down the days until your next wedding anniversary.

The window at the bottom shows the traditional gift associated with each anniversary: running from paper for the first anniversary all the way to diamond for 60 years of marriage.

The clock makes a great wedding or anniversary gift and means you'll never be in any danger of forgetting your anniversary!

Full list of wedding anniversaries:

Paper - 1 year, Cotton - 2 years, Leather - 3 years, Linen - 4 years, Wood - 5 years, Iron - 6 years, Wool - 7 years, Bronze - 8 years, Pottery - 9 years, Tin - 10 years, Steel - 11 years, Silk - 12 years, Lace - 13 years, Ivory - 14 years, Crystal - 15 years, China - 20 years, Silver - 25 years, Pearl - 30 years, Coral - 35 years, Ruby - 40 years, Sapphire - 45 years, Gold - 50 years, Emerald - 55 years, Diamond - 60 years.


Case: PVC (CAS 9002-86-2)
Movement: Quartz unjewelled clock movement
Batteries (not included): 1 x AA / 2 x AAA
Size of clock: 220mm x 135mm x 50mm (height x width x depth)
Size of packaging box: 260mm x 180mm x 90mm

Water Resistance: None
Case Shape: Rectangle
Dial Color: White
Strap Width: 18mm
Case Thickness: 9mm
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