"Only One" by Meccaniche Veloci

This amazing group of one of-a-kind timepieces has been divided into two classes: one representing the world of racing and the other the world of aeronautics. Each watch in the collection is constructed using recovered materials from the world of speed, like the fiberglass fairing from a racing motorcycle or Formula 1 car, or the magnesium flap from a supersonic fighter jet. The combination of these exotic materials with advanced construction techniques like In-Plane-Bending of the titanium case, represent something the watch industry has never before seen.

These unique timepieces are all rigorously documented and certified by Meccaniche Veloci, which fully guarantees the authenticity of the exotic materials used to construct these one of a kind treasures. Remember, only a single example of each watch in the Quattro Valvole Collection will ever be produced as part of Meccaniche Veloci’s exclusive “Only One” project.

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