Projects Outside -Black

Projects Outside -Black

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With the Outside Watch by Denis Guidone, he draws your attention to the modern realm of 21st Century culture.

Applying minimalist traditions, the watch is black and white with no spare elements. The center, a metaphor for the physical center of modern cities, has been eliminated.

Outside is emblematic of how we interact beyond the borders of a city's historical, economic or cultural center; between the before and after.

Time flows and we flow with it.

Modern, unique, cool these are all words used to describe the Outside Watch. Outside has an hour and minute hand in white; the only color.  Outside uses two oversized discs, one for the hour hand and one for the minute, that rotate in what appears to be a seamless manner. Outside is 40mm in diameter and made of a black IP stainless steel making this timepiece truly a unique and modern timepiece that can be worn for sport, dress or in any environment that you would like to make a statement.

Material: Black IP Stainless Steel
Water-resistant: 5 ATM
Diameter: 40mm
Height: 8.57mm
Band: Black Silicone