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Meccaniche Veloci means "Mechanical Speed". This watch has four distinct faces for tracking time in four different time zones, each with its own Swiss mechanical automatic movement. Keep time simultaneously in London, New York, Rome, and Gstaad with this oversize, 4-movement automatic mechanical watch from Italy.

Quattro Valvole is a wristwatch born of an intuition, to produce a prestigious object based on the idea of a four-phase engine piston, the pulsing heart of the best competition racing cars. The watch is a mix of motor engineering and personality, which links the worlds of automobiles with luxury watches. The Quattro Valvole not only draws the spirit that animates it from the world of racetracks, but also its design and the essential components of the case and finishing. Thus, Meccaniche Veloci has created this special wristwatch, which is synonymous with exclusivity, elegance and a strong personality.

If the model name sounds familiar, you're thinking back to the circa-1984 Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS Quattrovalvole, which incorporated the Italian name for the four-valve cylinder heads that the Maranello-based automaker pioneered. Meccaniche Veloci, literally "mechanical speed", recalls the still-prevalent technology with a wristwatch that features four distinct faces for tracking time in four different time zones, each with its own Swiss mechanical movement, all enclosed with titanium fixtures in a billet aluminum casing made in the same process as competition-spec pistons.

his led to the formation of Meccaniche Veloci, a creative warehouse that expertly combines motoring engineering and the sophisticated, high-end world of watches. In short, a solid project driven by a powerful vocation – a deep passion for engines.

In order to get the high precision and definition, Meccaniche Veloci joins refined Italian Design with the high quality of Swiss Movements.  The mechanical calipers used in Meccaniche Veloci watches are realized with selected materials and high technology.  They have passed all the scheduled quality tests including their challenge with time.

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