Vestal DEV004 De Novo Retrograde Black Sabbath

Vestal DEV004 De Novo Retrograde Black Sabbath

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De Novo is a Latin expression meaning "from the beginning", "afresh", "anew", "beginning again".Vestal's new, fresh timepiece and lays claim to being the first Vestal with a day register and date window.You can start and stop the measurement of minutes and seconds anytime you want with the chronograph function.Large, comfortable stainless steel band with a solid two-pusher, butterfly deployment.

Albert Einstein concluded in his later years that the past, present, and future all exist simultaneously, that the universe is four dimensional, not 3 dimensional as we suppose. Therefore, time being the fourth dimension, is not linear, but constant and ever present. If this were the case you probably won’t need this new Vestal watch, but maybe earth is different and Albert was talking about outerspace.

Case:Stainless Steel 48mm wide
Band:3 Link 28mm wide
Buckle:Stainless Steel Butterfly Deployment
Movement:Chronograph with Day Retrograde Display
Water Resistance:10 ATM

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  • Pros and cons but overall positive

    Posted by John on Nov 30th 2015

    Bought this watch about two weeks ago. I knew it was black from the description, but when I opened the package and first looked at it, I thought "wow...none more black". That being said, the watch feels nice and sturdy, and it's got a bit of heft to it. Also, I really like the clasp Vestal uses on this one...when it's closed you don't even know its there.

    On the down side, it is very difficult to read in low light and honestly even if you don't have light shining directly on it. Also, that little bubble they put over the date actually makes it nearly impossible to see.

    Mine arrived with the second hand of the chronograph falling somewhere between the 3 and 4 o'clock when reset. A minor adjustment later and I've got it back to 12 o'clock where it should be. Still, probably something QC should have caught before shipping.