Xeric Silver Halograph Automatic Limited Edition

Xeric Silver Halograph Automatic Limited Edition

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The HALOGRAPH Automatic is a living time machine.  YOU are the power source.

Don't we find ourselves instinctively drawn to the kinetic nature of a mechanical watch? Its gears transfer force upon one another, interacting with the natural conditions of our universe, just like our muscles and bones. It ticks with a beating heart, just like us.

The new limited edition Halograph Automatic features "halo" hands that display the time in an entirely new way. It doesn't need batteries or updates to do its work while summoning compliments and sparking conversation everywhere you go. All it needs is YOU!

The HALOGRAPH Automatic lives on mechanical energy. It's not an electronic gadget: it's a mechanical heirloom. Like the chambers of a beating mechanical heart, the twin balance wheels pump life into this complex time machine. Seeing the action of a living machine on your wrist gives a thrill no electronic gadget can.

Each Limited Edition HALOGRAPH Automatic will be individually engraved with a number from 001 to 999. This is a singular opportunity to acquire one of the rare first edition XERIC HALOGRAPH Automatic watches. Carpe Diem!
The HALOGRAPH Automatic is powered by your daily life, storing up to 36 hours of energy from a simple flick of your wrist. A beating mechanical heart pumps life through this complex machine. You can view the rotor generating the power supply for its mechanical movement through a crystal porthole on the back of the case.

A smartwatch starts to die as soon as its circuitry is activated, and its functional obsolescence starts as soon as it's off the assembly line. A mechanical watch will never be obsolete. It will always connect you in a meaningful way with this moment in time. With the HALOGRAPH Automatic, we think we've designed a v1.0 that 'nailed it' the first time, and will be as exceptional in form and function in hundreds of years as it is now.

The HALOGRAPH is super easy to read, as the Halo Hands float over the four, dimensional, hemicycle time display arcs, they encircling the numbers for the time. The inner arcs display the hours, the outer arcs displays the minutes.

Case Material: Silver 316L Stainless steel
Case Size: 48mm Wide
Case Height (w/o Crystal): 13mm
Movement: S-01 Dual Balance Automatic
Crystal: Sapphire-Coated Domed K1 Mineral
Band Material: Premium Italian Black Leather  
Band Width: 22mm
Fits up to a 8.5” wrist (215mm)

XERIC watches are designed in California and produced on an artisanal scale, making high-end mechanical features accessible to a broad cross-section of horological enthusiasts.  We want to ensure you're the one with the most unique watch in the room.

Customer Reviews

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  • Great Special Watch

    Posted by Serge on Apr 15th 2017

    If you are looking for a great special watch: this is a very good example. It is really different. ANy watch lover will want to see it. But... reading the time is not very easy. It is nog bad, just not great.

  • Beautiful unusual watch

    Posted by Gordon Ewan on Jan 2nd 2017

    Absolutely love this watch. It actually looks better than in the pictures as the hands appear slightly finer in real life. Easy to read once you get used to it and a great talking point. Highly recommended.

  • Love it!

    Posted by Scott on Jan 2nd 2017

    This baby turns heads and is fun to wear! You do need to get used to how to tell time on it, and what you can't see is that it has a high dome. But I love wearing it!

  • Xeric Halographic

    Posted by Timothy Horn on Aug 4th 2016

    Wish as I did to really really really love this watch, I am sorry but I could only like it. Give me my 58 year old eyes and yes its probably my fault but I have trouble reading it to get the correct time. Its not that a lack of size would be the issue, as it is a huge piece to wear on your wrist, but the numbers make it hard to see and read. It's just not an intuitive watch to tell the time from, BUT I keep wearing it.

  • Cool watch

    Posted by Unknown on May 23rd 2016

    I got the silver edition and I'm amazed by it. The built and design was excellent. The only thing I would suggest they improve is the movement.. The rotor of the power reserve is kind of noisy and loud whenever you move your hand while you wearing the watch. If they could minimize the noise to more subtle level it would be a total 5 star!

  • Outstanding craftsmanship

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 28th 2016

    I'm a tool and die maker...and an engineer. ...I know quality.....I give it an 11/10

  • Stunning Design

    Posted by C. West on Jan 23rd 2016

    I have the silver automatic with blue/red accented hands (419/999). Pretty amazing watch for the price which is why I gave it 5 stars. It's not perfect but is an absolute steal. Sure it's not a Swiss movement, the crystal is only sapphire coated, and the hands are plastic. Having said that a Swiss movement is only relative to which one it is and how much modification and refinement it's gone through. Swatch uses Swiss ETA movements in their automatics but by no means is it the same quality as other ETA movements found in the watches produced by high end watch houses in Switzerland. Not even close. So I personally don't care it's not a Swiss movement. As for the crystal there are many watches costing thousands of dollars with only mineral crystals. The hands... well that's your call. I like the playfulness of them being plastic but would probably prefer a matte finished stainless steel instead. Only real problem I have with the watch is the lack of a date function.

    The design choices made for this watch are just brilliant! There is an extremely clean look for such a complicated face. The style, quality, uniqueness, and attention to detail are top notch. It is such a beautiful thing to look at and using a dual balance with open window is just icing on the cake for me. I own watches costing many times more than this that are mechanical and Swiss. Do I like them more? No.