Xeric Soloscope Automatic Gunmetal Limited Edition (SLA-3017)

Xeric Soloscope Automatic Gunmetal Limited Edition

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When you put on your watch in the morning, does it reflect who you are?  Well, it should!

We live in a time when everyone has the same stuff, racing for the latest phone, fastest laptop and most advanced gadget. Every single one of these devices will soon be obsolete. Your WATCH, on the other hand, is a chance to reflect your value of striking design and timeless mechanics, and that is why we hope you'll join us in bringing the Limited Edition SOLOSCOPE Automatic to life. Let the latest and boldest mechanical watch by XERIC remind you -- and everyone around you -- that you are making your own mark.  It's time to go SOLO.

The SOLOSCOPE Automatic is mechanical, so the motion of your wrist is all it needs for power. This personal time machine will be right there on your wrist through all the forced upgrades of your gadgets and their planned obsolescence. At XERIC Watches, we are taking a step back to classic mechanical watches, affordably priced, so that you can move forward in your individuality. We believe our creations focus on what really matters when you're the one with most striking watch in your world.

The SOLOSCOPE Automatic separates display from mechanics. It has a single hand, fusing hours and minutes in a distinctive but simple display balancing function and style. This hand encircles the hour and points to the minutes. The other half of the face exposes twin balance wheels, and the mechanics that powers the watch in reaction to motion of your wrist. 

A watch isn't complete without a great leather strap. We've proudly teamed up with the historic American Tannery HORWEEN for some undeniably awesome time belts!


  • Gunmetal PVD Coated 316L Stainless Steel Case and Buckle
  • Individually Numbered Limited Edition
  • PTS Chinese Automatic Movement
  • 49mm x 42mm x 13mm case
  • Sapphire Coated K1 Crystal
  • 5 ATM water resistance
  • Premium 24mm American Horween Leather strap
  • Strap fits up to 9" wrists
  • Up to 36 hour power reserve
  • 1 Year warranty

Customer Reviews

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  • Watches.com are amazing

    Posted by Brad on Sep 8th 2017

    First of all this watch is amazing, I own a Tag Heuer a couple of Sevenfridays a Sisu, welder and many others but this is great build quality for the price.
    Most importantly the service from watches.com is amazing, for this purchase and the 10 others before it. Between purchasing the watch and it being delivered the price dropped due to a sale, watches were more than happy to pass on the new price and refunded the difference immediately. No arguments no problems at all. I will be a customer for many purchaes to come.

  • For when you want to be noticed

    Posted by Mike on Mar 31st 2017

    This review may end up a bit lengthy, but I'm setting out to describe the pros and cons of this very fascinating timepiece. I'll mention ahead of time that my criticism about this watch is all either a matter of personal preference or something that I don't expect to see done better at this price point. Overall, Xeric has done it again and created an eye-catching and (relatively) affordable watch that will definitely start some conversations.

    The first and most important thing to note is that this watch is *big* and is likely to eclipse a small wrist. Xeric's website lists the case size at 49x42x13mm, and I'd recommend drawing that out to see how it'll fit on your wrist. It also feels incredibly heavy, even for an automatic watch. Neither of those aspects are flaws in my opinion, but you'll want to take them into account and think hard about whether a watch this large and heavy will match your personal preference and/or tolerance. The upside is that the watch is so solidly built, and I find that density and ingot-like feel to be very attractive.

    As for timekeeping, the watch seemed to keep perfect time for the one week when I wore it constantly (it's in a regular rotation with two other watches now, but wearing it for 7 consecutive days helped me to get ready for this review). That being said, it's hard to tell exactly how much time it gained or lost given that this watch has a single double-ended hour/minute hand and a seconds wheel. This isn't always clear in the photos, since the other end of the hand is almost always covered by the center case bridge that separates the two crystals, but let me repeat: there is no independent minute hand. The watch is large enough that you can definitely tell time to an accuracy of less than five minutes, but it'll take some time to get used to, and if you have to be punctual down to the very minute, this may not be your watch. But again, as near as I can tell, the movement keeps perfect time.

    The movement is certainly a fun one. I'm fairly certain that you can find this movement in many other round watches that feature double balances, but Xeric has done something pretty cool with it here. If you want to try to find more details about the movement, it's a Chinese PTS brand automatic movement. The double balance wheels are sort of a Breguet-inspired feature, though unlike a Breguet, these balance wheels aren't close together or precise enough to improve accuracy through resonance. Mostly it's for if you really like watching balance wheels and would love to have more of them in your life. The double-ended hour hand is pretty nifty in that the different lengths point at different sets of six hours, and the seconds wheel is actually offset a bit from that central hand, which adds to the attractive asymmetry.

    Finally, as for finish, I consider it fairly good for a four hundred to six hundred dollar watch of this complexity. The back is beautifully engraved and the tint on the window for the automatic counterweight is a very nice touch. The case is smooth and evenly colored, though the gunmetal is nearly flat black as opposed to a dark grey as it appears in the picture above. The crystals feel robust enough, though there was a bit of glue visible in the seams between the crystals and case before I cleared it out. The inside of the face is dust free, and the materials used are attractive if not overly extravagant. There are a number of interesting textures beneath the crystal that tend to change its appearance depending on the lighting and your perspective. The strap is robust, and I'm not worried that it will ever break, even given the very significant weight of the watch itself.

    All in all, if you want a large watch that will stand out and fascinate people, check out the Soloscope, and if it's almost your cup of tea but you would like something a little different (like a minute hand), definitely look at the rest of the Xeric line. Their mechanical movements are typically the same as those that can be found in other watches at this price point, but they strive to do new and creative things with them, which I appreciate. Hopefully this review helps if you're considering this watch, and happy hunting!

  • Awestruck!

    Posted by Norman Merritt on Mar 15th 2017

    I just received the watch about 20 minutes ago. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this piece of art! I went to Zurich for my job in November and took some time to window shop the various watch shops (sticker shock at those prices). The Soloscope is more unique than most of those. I have seen some complaints about the placement of the crown and how difficult it is to wind. With my thumb only, I can wind it with no problem.
    I also have the Xeriscope Squared. My wrist is going to be fighting me on which watch to wear.
    Thanks guys for another great timepiece.