Find the Perfect Watch for your Lifestyle

Are you curious about what type of watch fits your style? Since a watch is no longer a simple piece of mechanics used to tell the time, it has become a much bigger part of your self-image and how you are perceived by others. Keep reading to discover which watch might embody your personality and style. 

The Trailblazer

Being a trailblazer means you’re always on the lookout for something different. Moving away from the big brands and uncovering the odd, unusual, offbeat, and quirky styles. And lucky for you, that is exactly what is all about.

These watches will be right up your alley:

xeric invertormrj robotto shi

projects terra greyqlocktwo


The Modern Gentleman

In London, New York, Paris, or Rome, the classic gentleman will always be the best-dressed man in the room. Your meticulous attention to the smallest details, an effortless charm, and just a hint of attitude are what defines you--you embody what it means to be a well-dressed modern man.

These watches were made for you:

dufathomas earnshaw

bmwcalifornia golden gate chrono


The Globetrotter

Travel doesn’t faze you; it fuels you. You might even spend more time in hotels or Airbnbs than your own home. In other words, you are a citizen of the world. As a frequent flyer, comfort and style are of utmost importance. You’re a sharp dresser because you know that snap judgments are the difference between an upgrade to first class and being told your flight is overbooked.

Check out your next travel watch:

citizen promasteratlasphereboldrundone


The Rebel

Leather jackets, dark shades, and some badass boots may be a part of your external appearance, but that’s not all that defines you. You’re the person who isn't afraid to stand out, who knows who they are, and just dresses that way because they want to.

These watches have just enough edge for you:

devonmrj tattooeone bradleyzinvo

The Adventurer

Suits and ironed shirts have no place in your daily attire. Hiking, camping, hunting, and pushing yourself to the extreme define you. With a simple earthy style, you pay little attention to the latest trends, and are more likely to be found on the trail than in a shopping center.

These watches are ready for the outdoors:

gshock GPSbertuccicitizen altichronsisu

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