Ford Car with Watch on Hood

I first wrote about this sexy beast back in 2006 for - with the full understanding that I'd die never owning one. Well, I'm happy to report that story is now fiction! The fact is I just acquired this white whale of a watch - The Ford RS Split Lap Unit 77 chronograph, designed and produced by Heuer in the mid-seventies using the Calibre 103 movement.

So many of these didn't survive many decades later and just a few exist in this complete of a kit. The highlight is the technologically advanced liquid crystal Ford logo displayed on the upper lap chronograph. The reason I wanted this more than any of the other vintage Heuer Chronosplit digital watches is the angular case design allowing the display tilt towards the driver wearing the watch. To me, this shape also foreshadowed the boxy automobile designs of the coming eighties.

Cars newspaper clipping with watch on it

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