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Limited Edition TYPE 2E Ressence Watches

We've met Benoît Mintiens, the mad genius behind Ressence watches, and we're lucky that he's on 'our' side -- because if he were to use his talents for evil, we'd be doomed.

Kidding aside, from the first time we saw this one-of-a-kind Belgian industrial designer tinkering with his first Ressence collection at Baselworld, we knew he was a diamond in the rough or more appropriately, a very sharp needle in a dull haystack. By haystack, we mean the numbing waves of monotony throughout the never-ending halls of Baselworld.

But there he was, fidgeting with his fantastic spinners. And you know exactly where you were when first gazing at a Ressence in action.

Needless to say, we've been seeing some very cool limited editions in recent months (selling out within hours) at Hodinkee and Mr. Porter but can safely assume that Mr. Mitiens will be opening us his Belgian chocolate factory to more than just those very few golden ticket holders!

So, we present some favorites over the past few years till today from Ressence. For even more, check out the Ressence website.


Limited Edition TYPE 1 Ressence Watches for Mr. Porter


Most recently, Ressence created a very limited TYPE 1 collection for the store Mr. Porter and the stunning blue version (above) sold out immediately.

Not long before that, a unique skeletonized TYPE 1 was offered on Hodinkee -- also sold out in just a few hours!

Early in 2017, Ressence presented their first ever squared case, the TYPE 1². Born from the intersection of 6 spheres, it has a cushion shape case. It also differentiated itself by its integrated lugs and an user-friendly interchangeable bracelet system inherited from the TYPE 3.

The case of the TYPE 1² is much thinner due to the absence of the sapphire case back serving as a crown. Alternatively, there is a small retractable lever. When setting the time, the rotation of the lever corresponds precisely to the movement of the discs on the dial in a ratio of 1 to 1. An up-to-date reminder of the key once used to wind antique clocks, watches and mechanical toys.

The TYPE 3 interlocks with physics like no watch before. The refraction of light as it flows from one substance to another - from air to sapphire crystal, for example - can warp perception. The TYPE 3 eliminates this effect through its upper half being flooded with 35.7 ml of oil.

The readability of the TYPE 3 is consequently as simple and efficient during the day as during the night thanks to especially strong Superluminova.

To produce the best-ever readability underwater, the complete TYPE 5 - all 142 components, including the dial - is immersed in 37.5 ml of oil. It cancels out what is known as Total Internal Reflection. Typically, underwater, a traditional diver’s watch needs to be viewed straight on to be read correctly - otherwise, refraction turns the glass into a mirror. But not with the oil-filled TYPE 5 . The use of oil ensures complete legibility whatever the angle of view. A first for a mechanical watch.

It takes 324 components and Ressence's state-of-the-art innovations for the TYPE 5 to express Time in such a pure and natural way. From the magnetic transmission, hydraulic shock absorbers to the bellow system.

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