Vintage Watching: 1972 LIP Secteur Double Retrograde

By Mitch Greenblatt
LIP started the seventies with a bang hiring a motley crew of industrial, product, and interior designers for eccentric watch collections. These three 1972 double retrograde timepieces were a great example that eluded me for years until I acquired the third version in goldtone.
LIP France only created these three styles, one square, one rectangle, and the other round. Each of them are powered by a Wester German-made Duromat INT7525 automatic movement. This movement had a unique module allowing time to 'flyback' at the end of each segment rather than encircle the time.
Actions like the retrograde complication were virtually non-existent in watches of this era. Time is indicated by a fuel-gauge style linear display and a tubular date funnel.
They are pretty rare as it took me well over 15 years to acquire all three varieties of LIP Secteur. Now I just need to find their stainless steel counterparts.
These watches are featured in my book, "Retro Watches"

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