The Coolest Chronograph: 1969 Hamilton Fontainebleu Chrono-Matic

By Mitch Greenblatt
'Men of action do not wear watches, they wear Chronomatics!", according to a 1970 advertisement. As you can tell, this watch was different from anything before it.
This watch was a bold aesthetic statement from Hamilton, who had around the same time, moved from the United States to Switzerland.  With new provenance, what better way than to create an entirely new shape and power it by the mighty Caliber 11.
Hamilton Fontainebleau Chrono Matic Chronomatic Automatic Chronograph
I've always been infatuated with this design starting with its unusual shape and matching registers.  Not quite a circle, not quite a square, definitely not rectangle and not really oval.  Maybe there is a geometric term for this but I'll just make it up, say, Hemigon?
This watch is also featured in my book, "Retro Watches"

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