Hands On Review of the MB&F MAD Edition No. 1

By Mitch Greenblatt
The watch many has been talking about even though there was no press, no marketing and no pre-launch hype. This is the MAD 1 Edition from MB&F or more specifically, Max Busser's mechanical art emporium aptly named the MAD Gallery. They offered them around 2000 Euros each to the Tribe (MB&F owners) & Friends of MB&F (MB&F partners) selling out immediately with some being resold for up to $30,000 on eBay and other online watch venues.
I had the opportunity to own the first edition from a vanguard in the watch industry so I took it! See, I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg from MAD Gallery.  My prediction is this is just the beginning of a successful new spinoff from MB&F. They like others (Xeric comes to mind!) know how much interest there is for out of the ordinary timepieces that don't cause panic when justifying the price.
Cut to the chase, the watch arrived, the finishing is top notch with a rotor that spins like it's about to take flight.  The sideview display of drum-like hands overlap vertically for a quick glance of the time as any good drivers watch should.

 Summed up, I'm thrilled to own a piece of horological history marking a moment when exciting & accessible timepieces are becoming available to more than just the privileged few.

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