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Unique, Affordable, Fashionable Digital Watches are the Latest Edition to the curated selection. Meet AAASY.

AAASY Superchromatic watch side view
^Queue the theme from 2001: Space Odyssey.

A second digital revolution is sweeping the watch industry. Bright colors and classic digital displays are officially trending as the 1990s aesthetic becomes "vintage" to today's youth (the same way Nirvana is now "classic rock.") We have your buyer's guide to the latest digital watches to wear with your bucket hats and tiny sunglasses.
A group of AAASY digital watches laying flat on a camo green background
When most people think of digital watches, one brand immediately comes to mind – Casio.  This global brand is still dominating the watch world. Their limited edition G-Shocks consistently sell out within days of release.  We love Casio (which is why we are an authorized retailer for Casio and G-Shock watches). 
But the world of digital watches is expanding, with cooler case shapes, bright color combinations, and the shiniest metallics. The draws? Affordability, accessibility, and style. Here's our favorite digital watches from outside Casio World:

Introducing AAASY Watches

AAASY Digital watches have a color changing display
This digital watch has a color-changing display that can be set to 9 different options (red, turquoise, yellow, white, orange, blue, purple, or pink). When you choose a color, the part of the display that lights up (the time, date, or a map of the world, etc.) will show in the color that you selected. 
AAASY White Gold on wrist with turquoise background
This watch features US-velcro straps with leather tabs for a street-fashion look that is no-fuss to take on and off. This also makes the watch accessible to individuals with limited mobility, while the large easy-to-read digital display is great for anyone who needs high contrast or bold-type time displays. The case is all stainless steel.
Orange Black AAASY watch on wrist with Orange Hooded sweatshirt carries this watch in 5 fantastic color combinations that recall 90s fashion. It is sure to be your go-to watch for concerts, markets, or whatever your weekend plans are. Making a statement and changing up your look has never been easier than with this color-changing digital stunner from AAASY. 

AAASY All Black Digital Watch on Wrist


Full 316L stainless steel case
50m water resistant (5ATM)
Hardened mineral glass
Twin rocker pusher
8-color electronic module
Case Diameter: 44mm
Easy-changing washable strap with US-velcro

AAASY Unique Affordable Color-changing Digital Silver Black Watch on Wrist

Are these watches on your summer shopping list yet? You can buy them from an authorized retailer on See the rest of our digital watches here. 
PS: I've been trying to come up with some solid wordplay using AAASY's brand name all morning. If you think of one, email me and make my day. It's not as eAAASY as you think. (Is that anything?)

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