Sarpaneva's Piece Unique "Korona Atlas" Wandering Jump Hour Complication

By, Mitch Greenblatt
Back when I first started blogging, circa 2006, searching obsessively for cool new brands and watchmakers to feature at the Watchismo Times — as this was the decade of the Independent watchmaker.
There were mind-blowingly cool independent brands taking their first breaths during this mechanical decade, and one I bonded most with was Stepan Sarpaneva of Finland.
My initial fan-boy emails started our conversations and graduated to fun nights in Switzerland during many Baselworld Watch Fairs.
Hebdomas Wandering Jump Hour Watch
Now, somewhere in the aughts, I must have let Stepan know about this watch I acquired by Hebdomas. It was a very unique wandering jump hour mechanism that showcased the time in the most minimal way. After a few pints, he suggested I give it to him, and one day he’ll create a watch from the movement for my son, Atlas.
Uh…ok, deal!
Flash forward ten or so Baselworlds; Stepan was true to his word and sent me the most fantastic one-of-a-kind watch, the Korona Atlas, for which I will be the proud custodian until his wrist is ready.
Sarpaneva Korona Atlas Wandering Jump Hour Watch
Now, for my end of the bargain, a painting I promised to make for him…

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