Swiss Watching: MB&F Horological Machine N°6 Alien Nation

HM6 Alien Nation by MB&F

We're ready to be probed by these aliens!

The HM6 series from MB&F has become an exploration of space in more ways than one. Starting off with the original Space Pirate with its encased biomorphic design has now evolved into a more advanced mechanical creature with subsequent translucent iterations leading to the entirely sapphire cased Alien Nation just revealed today.

The price? $500,000 USD

How many will be made? Just four.

Is it available? Nope, already sold out!

The advancements of the HM6 Alien Nation:

1. The case, now made entirely of sapphire crystal. In fact, 12 separate sapphire crystals which need to come together perfectly and seamlessly. The milling and polishing required for a single case exceeds 500 hours – months of work, and that’s not including assembly. The result? A case that is 100% crystal-clear.

2: Luminosity. It’s dark in outer space… The HM6 spaceship lights up in the darkness thanks to a mix of Super-LumiNova – highlighting various parts of the movement – and AGT Ultra, the high-power lume produced by Ambient Glow Technology and pioneered by Black Badger.

3: A crew of aliens, individually crafted by hand in 18K white gold. HM6 Alien Nation’s alien commander sits snugly in the external cockpit, while smooth running of the HM6 engine is supervised by 5 miniature aliens placed inside, on the movement itself. You’ll need to look closely to spot them all: the intricacy of these microscopic sculptures created by engraver Olivier Kuhn is baffling. Their arms and necks are finer than a grain of sand… Each alien is unique and the crew of 6 requires more than a month of full-time, intensive artisanship. It is not reasonable for MB&F to create pieces like this, which is why there will only be 4. Each HM6 Alien Nation is unique, distinguished by the color of its lume: blue, turquoise, green and purple.

For more information about the MB&F Horological Machines, check out their website.

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