What does an Eco-friendly watch look like?

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Back in the beginning of the 20th century, straps were invented to allow a horological instrument such as a pocket watch to fit your wrist for new activities such as driving or piloting. So if there were no cars or planes, then the wrist watch as we know it wouldn't exist. Today, a wristwatch is a statement of your personality and how you present yourself to the world around you.  The core values of Jason Hyde Watches are simplicity, sustainability, and care for the planet which led them to a strap that has it all:

  1. Biodegradable wool without the use of any chemicals, made in Denmark.
    • Floyd Design
    • No use of dyes with heavy metals
    • Strict Danish Regulations
    • Certified OEKO-TEX
  2. 100% natural cork, an amazing environmental pro duct. It’s collected by artisans in Sardinia, Italy. The Oak tree is never tailed and it needs 25 years for the first bark to be collected. It then takes 9 years for each following bark to be processed and used. That means each strap is unique and it would take 9 years to have two identical corks. It also maintains a cool temperature and will never make your wrist feel sweaty.

organic wool and cork watch straps

You can feel as ease when buying a Jason Hyde watch knowing that no animals were harmed in making the watch. These watches could be the most animal-friendly timepieces ever created.

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