Launch of the NASA Apollo 15 American Automatic & Moonphase Watches by Xeric


In 2019 Xeric launched a watch to commemorate the 50th anniversary of NASA's moon landing, which went on to become the most funded timepiece in Kickstarter history, with nearly 18,000 backers.

But NASA didn't stop with just one moon landing. In 1971, the Apollo 15 mission took lunar exploration to the next level when they introduced the first lunar roving vehicle, allowing astronauts to venture out and collect samples further than ever before.
Now, 50 years later, Xeric celebrates American ingenuity and introduce the Xeric NASA Apollo 15 Collection, the first Xeric watches to feature American movements, available in both automatic and moonphase variations.
The AmeriChron Automatic movement is designed and approved by certified master watchmakers, giving reliable timekeeping and a 40 hour power reserve. 
Xeric is supporting movement production right here in the United States. All movements in the Apollo 15 Collection are assembled, tested, and regulated in Fountain Hills, Arizona, utilizing industry-leading standards and advanced manufacturing methods. 


The AmeriQuartz Moonphase version of the Apollo 15 tracks the current phase of the moon through its 29.5 day cycle.


If you want to wear a piece of space on your wrist, the dial of select models is made from a slice of actual meteorite. 


They kept the best elements of the original design and made significant upgrades. The overall size of the watch is now slimmer, lighter, and more wearable for a greater variety of wrist sizes.


The Apollo 15 features a coin-engraved solid steel caseback depicting the lunar rover where it sits today and commemorating the 50th anniversary of its arrival on the surface of the moon.


Like an astronaut’s helmet, the curved sapphire crystal provides the ultimate in scratch resistance while an anti-reflective coating reduces glare.


The newly designed grille remains reminiscent of a spacecraft window looking out at the stars while increasing the area of Swiss Super-LumiNova for improved legibility in both light--and especially dark--conditions.

They continued with their signature method of time telling with orbiting moons as watch hands. Hours and minutes rotate around the dial, making it an easy read on a unique display.

The Apollo missions continue to inspire us today just as they inspired the world 50 years ago. Join us in our journey to bring space and American movement manufacturing a little closer. Back this project to get this one-time introductory pricing and reserve your NASA Apollo 15 limited edition watch now.

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