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Nixon 42-20 Black Ceramic Swiss Automatic

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Whether you're exploring mountaintops, the ocean's shadowy depths - or the far reaches of your cable box - 42-20's got your back. It's a serious timepiece with an appreciation for the finer things. With a Swiss ETA mechanical movement, while a custom stainless case and band keeps you classy. Wherever you are.

Simply put, these are the highest quality watches Nixon makes. Each one is made to the most exacting standards of Swiss watch makers, is custom built and features the Automatic ETA movement that has been the standard of quality timepieces for decades. The name says it all, and the looks say even more. Watches.com has been selected to be one of a very limited number of authorized online dealers for the Nixon Elite class of watches.

MOVEMENT: 3 hand Swiss Made mechanical with date, automatic winding with sweeping seconds and 25 jewels. Ceramic Body - 5x Harder than Steel.
CASE: 42mm, Custom 200 meter solid ceramic body with stainless steel skeleton, external rotating ceramic bezel with countdown timer, scratch resistant sapphire crystal, custom numbered caseback with hardened mineral crystal window and ceramic screw crown at 9 O'clock position.
BAND: Custom solid ceramic with individual screw pin links and custom solid stainless steel butterfly buckle. 21mm wide.

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    Posted by on Feb 20th 2017

    first let me congratulate watches.com for their amazing customer service that finally allowed me to get this watch that i had wanted for so long.

    it is an amazing watch, but i must point out there are issues with nixon quality control to the point i needed to return 2 of these to get one in perfect new shape. both times watches.com were willing to pay the return & the second time they hand inspected a new version before sending back out. i love you guys!

    the issue the first time was a movement that stopped after a few minutes. the next time i tried i noticed a very very small but present mark on the watch case in ceramic...not a scratch as these are pretty impervious to that, but looking like something at the time of manufacture had imprinted into the case.

    third time a charm, & this is beautiful. to prevent an overly long revue, the pros & cons...which by the way, despite the cons, this is still possibly my favorite watch ever...& i've had rolex subs new, ceramic rados, etc.
    1. a truly scratchproof case at the industry standard of the best companies out there...& i had the IWC ceramic chrono back in the day. one caveat is the bracelet, which will not scratch but can crack, mentioned under CONS.
    2. TRULY swiss made. yes. nixons are normally chinese cases with swiss or japanese movements, only some swiss. this is swiss made, on the dial, with swiss movement. i did need to inspect 2 of these & return 2 out of 3 for defects mentioned above, but the third one is astoundingly beautiful & perfect!
    3. ONE of the best designs & constructions of any watch i've seen or owned, again even comparing to 2 rolexes purchased new, sub & date models. yes, this case is ultimately trendy & cool, super stylish, but they accomplish that without undermining the utility/tool watch aspects of a clean compact case, super (basically military) visible dial/hands, scratchproof case & crystal, lovely accurate delightful to use 120 click bezel (uni directional, countdown vs. elapsed time). note: this is the 42mm case, which is as big as most people would want...the 52 would be a blingmonster & i don't recommend it unless that's what you want.
    4. believe it or don't, the wearability is exceptional with one caveat: i DiD put this on a 3-piece german military 'bund' 3-piece strap, as i do all my divers & military watches. the weight & size are perfect, the legibility of everything (except the actual movable bezel markings) is MUCH better than required...HOWever, i tried it on with the ceramic bracelet and it became a very heavy watch that i admittedly would not wish to wear...likely the reason these bracelets have been known to crack under the weight of wear (tho not scratch), as i mention in CONS. i would totally take this off the bracelet for weight reasons alone. GOOD news is that it is a stunning watch on leather alone & more than worth the discounted price of $1500 or therabouts listed here.
    4. INSTANT collectible. these are discontinued, disappearing. enough to usually make something a collectible, but this also is superbly designed, a joy to wear, very rare material that equals rado's ceramic watches in performance, an amazing blend of function & beauty. get it whilst you can.
    1. there are some definite cons, tho not enough to ever make me NOT want this piece. first off, for most people would be the drawbacks of the ceramic bracelet, which looks stunning, but alas has been proven to at times crack at the outer pieces of the 3-piece links. i've seen 2 of these on ebay where this is the case, out of about 7 offerings on the bay. after speaking to nixon, & the sellers of these cracked link watches, it appears the weight & heft of the watch is likely to have put stress on the thinner portion of the link arms around the pins, and cracked there (in both cases). especially if worn loose, that would increase the effective swing weight. they could have been knocked as a hard knock with ceramic will crack it, but both sellers stated they could not recall every having hit the bracelet...& given the softness of one's flesh behind the worn bracelet, that would offer an additional shock absorber, so a hard knock does NOT seem the reason. a nixon rep seemed agreeable to that conclusion as well. ASIDE from the durability issue, the bracelet is sooo heavy i would, & did remove it & put the watch on leather...NOTE: bracelet removal requires special tools & skill, it needs a highly skilled watchmaker to do it & might set you back $20 to $30 depending where you take it...if you purchase a strap there it might help get a free or reduced price bracelet removal.
    2. THE BEZEL!!! a joy to use, looks superb, but 2 issues: first, you CANNOT see it in the dark. it has no lume whatsoever, not even at the triangle timer start point (even other nixons have a lume marker there). sadly, this was nixon's nod to turning a superb tool watch into a fashion watch. the high polish of the gorgeous ceramic bezel WILL allow you to read it in low light if there is a light source, as it is highly reflective, you just have to angle it. in normal light the engraved numbers are not only beautiful, but decently readable. in fairness, a lot of high end diver watches only have lume in the timer start point (the 'zero' mark), tho they normally have brighter numbers. this may not bother some people as much as myself, but if it does, you can do what i am doing, buy glow paint for gun sights, & very carefully with masking tape & a fine brush, fill in the zero triangle with the paint. get the right stuff, gun sight paint is the best as it is H20 proof & highly visible. again, like the bracelet, unless you know precisely what & how to do this, GET a highly skilled watchmaker to do this for you. it may take several small applications. it will turn this into a highly functional tool watch in all respects. well, with maybe one exception as is explained in the next CON.
    3. UNscratchable except perhaps with diamonds or tungsten carbide, the case is nevertheless NOT indestructible. high quality ceramic WILL shatter with a hard enough knock. all you have to do is google this to find very sad examples of panerai & IWC, etc., multi-thousand dollar watches that have had cases cracked or shattered by dropping on a hard floor, or hitting a hard counter just right while practicing your tennis backhand. if you drop watches, or practice your golf swing near hard objects, do NOT get this watch. a steel or even hardened steel watch will get beat up & ugly with scratches and dents, but it will not crack & shatter under most circumstances except something out of a 007 movie. if you want the joy of avoiding scratches by buying this or a rado, etc., be aware of NOT smacking your watch! as already mentioned, the ceramic links seem even to crack under pressure (as i've found rado bracelet links to do)...so be careful in hard knocks on the watch case or heavy pressure on links.
    4. NOT really a CON, and actually a cool thing if you like history. back to the bezel, it is a 'countdown' timer bezel, as apparently are most or all of nixon movable bezels. this is historically the more correct bezel numbering for both pilot & diver bezels, to count down your remaining time on a flight or a dive. for timing coffee brews or parking, it ain't so delightful. so for layman like me, i had to make an exception to get this great watch. i just transpose the minute times on the bezel...you will learn to do it pretty automatically. but historically & technically, this is actually a positive as the very tool watch breitlings also do this on their classic models.

    being a writer, & a vintage watch collector & former seller, i really got into this review so it has been long. but that should express the enthusiasm i have for this marvelous piece. despite being made by a fashion watch manufacturer, it is one of the most stunning & usable pieces you may ever find. certainly for this price. & as stated, watches.com has been one of the absolute most reputable & exceptional dealers i've dealt with, so i'd say go for it.

  1. Always Excellent 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 27th 2017

    I have been buying watches from Watches.com for several years...always excellent, from customer service, to delivery...easy returns, if needed.

  2. Outstanding Customer Service. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 17th 2017

    I had an unfortunate thing happen with the links for two of the watches I ordered (the issue was with Nixon, not with watches.com just to be absolutely clear) and after being left stranded by Nixon I contacted Angela with watches.com who fixed the problem and was friendly and courteous the entire time. I would have 100% been busying the rest of my watches from them due to her efforts alone but on top of their customer service being outstanding, the products arrived on time and looked absolutely gorgeous when unpacked. 5 stars doesn't do them justice.

  3. Excellent Service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 15th 2016

    Excellent service. Product was as expected. Had to return however but pleased with their responsiveness.

  4. Great selection of watches 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 29th 2016

    Great selection of watches, really good prices. Fast shipping is just as important to me when buying from someone. Watches.com has fast shipping, and good communications on that shipping. I would highly recommend watches.com to anyone who has a watch fetish. Thanks.

  5. Great quailty and excellent price 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 28th 2015

    The price was so good that I was worried it would be something different than it appeared, but the watch was exactly what I had seen elsewhere for much more money. Great quality and excellent price. It was here lightening quick! I will definitely use watches.com again.

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